• How do I set up my burner?

There is a full How To guide here.

We also send out a How To Use card with every order; please let us know if you have not received yours. Copies can be sent via email if necessary.

Our Instagram Highlights reel also shows the setup.

• Is everything included with the burner?

You will receive your burner including the flask, one 10ml sample of our Signature Fistral Oil Blend, and a candle with your order. You can order more candles and oil on our website via the Shop.

• Do I mix the oil with water?

Yes, as per the How To Use guide, fill 1/3 of the flask with water and add 5-10 drops of oil to achieve your desired strength of scent.

• There are deposits inside the boiling flask

Using a chopstick, the end of a spoon/pencil or paintbrush (or anything that’s long enough to reach down inside the neck of the flask) gently push a wet dishcloth down the neck of the flask and into the bowl at the bottom. Move the cloth around the inside of the bowl to clean. A good soak in washing up liquid will help to break down any oil deposits. Abel is designed to be run with Abel oil blends only.

• Can I return my burner?

Yes; you can return your unused burner within 14 days of receipt, provided you have not used any of the contents and the burner is in a resalable condition when it reaches us. Please email us for the return address. Include your name and order number with your return so that we know who it has come from, and take care to repackage carefully to avoid breakages in transit.

• There’s black soot on the outside of the boiling flask

This is usually caused by the flask being too close to the candle flame. On your next use, ensure the flask is at its maximum distance from the flame by sliding it upwards once the clip is attached. Clean off sooty deposits with a scouring sponge and washing up liquid. Another cause of soot is allowing the candle to run right down; this is unsafe. Always extinguish your candle using a snuffer (do NOT blow) when the candle is nearly finished, never allow it to get down to the metal holder. Candle safety stickers are provided with your candles and if you require this information to be emailed to you instead please let us know.

Abel is designed to be run with Abel candles only.

• My burner is making a funny noise

Soothing pops and bubbles coming from your burner is fine. However, if you hear squealing or see a rolling boil, your candle may be too close to your flask or you may need to add some water to the flask. Never run Abel with more than 1/3 of a flask of water, or less than 1cm of water. Never allow the flask to run dry. Follow the instructions at all times.

Abel will continue to diffuse scent once warm, even if you extinguish the candle.

• Environmental & general

Almost all of our packaging is recyclable or compostable. Our packaging peanuts are made from corn starch so you can run water on them in the sink to get rid of them. All of our oils are bottled in glass with minimal plastic/glass droppers. Our oils are all cruelty free and vegan.

We buy all of our stock and packaging from within the UK, with an emphasis on using Cornish companies where possible for our supplies. Our burners are handmade in Cornwall by a husband and wife team, at home.

If you ever receive plastic from us, it’s because we’ve reused it – please reuse it yourself or recycle it if possible. We recycle and reuse everything we can, not just within our business but as individuals too.

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