"A ridiculously stylish fragrance diffuser and apothecary brand based in Cornwall"

ABEL BURNERS & apothecary

For Home, Self Care & Intentional Living

We believe in taking time for yourself. We believe that the way you live directly impacts not just your health, but your mental health too. Building good habits like taking half an hour for yourself, to unwind, relax and destress from the day is vitally important.

We have designed products that aid this ethos not just with how they work, but how they look too.

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Abel Burners Aromatherapy Diffuser


Abel Burners Who We Are

Just a Husband & Wife

Hey, we're Kat & Ash!

We first created an Abel Burner in 2017, as a way of scenting our space in a way that looked cool. We were already working from home as Wedding Photographers, so our home has always served many functions. We found changing the scent hugely impacted how we felt, choosing a livening scent for the day to be productive and a calming relaxing scent fro the evenings to unwind.

We’re a small business operated almost exclusively by us, a husband and wife in the heart of Cornwall where we live with our twin 4 year old daughters. Everything we do is still handmade, hand poured and small batch with very close attention to detail. We design ethically sourced, vegan and cruelty free products to improve your space, self care and way of living.

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