Lake Como 30ml Oil - Fruit, Sugar, Berries

Lake Como 30ml Oil - Fruit, Sugar, Berries

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This fruity fragrance is a memory of a late Summer wedding on the Lake; a wedding cake bursting with ripe berries, eaten with thick fresh cream on the Terrace. 


Fruity, Sugary, Luscious. Ripe Berries,Rose,Brow n Sugar.


All Abel oils are vegan, cruelty free and hand bottled in Cornwall by Humans.

Good For

Anything from relaxing alone with a summer scent, to hosting people for Aperol Spritz. 


Danger; Do not ingest. Keep away from animals and children. Do not use on skin.  Contains 2,4-D im ethyl-3-C yclohexene Carboxaldehyde,Geraniol,Linalool,Nerol

Pet Friendly?

Yup, all Abel oils are 'safe synthetics' and all safe to diffuser around animals. Some essential oils can be harmful to animals in very high dosage, but Abel Fragrance Oils do not fall into this category.