Travel 10ml Oil Set - Byron, Santa Monica & Wellington

Travel 10ml Oil Set - Byron, Santa Monica & Wellington

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Our discovery gift set of Abel Travel Inspired Fragrance Oils. Each one of these is a little trip away; three places very close to our hearts.

Hand bottled in recyclable amber glass right here in Cornwall, by wife & husband.

3 x 10ml fragrance oils;
– Byron 
– Santa Monica 
– Wellington 


A set of 3 x 10ml Fragrance Oil showcasing our Travel inspired scents.

Set Includes;

10ml Byron

Reminds us of beach days and sun cream. A romantic, warm and sensual blend that opens the heart and brings a peaceful and settled feeling. This coconutty, suncreamy blend will transport you to a golden beach sunset. Perfect for yoga, relaxation and for use during the evening, Byron is the perfect companion to those quieter, more peaceful moments.

Contains Coumarin Anisaldehyde, Oxacyclohexadec EN-2-ONE, Gamma Undeclactone,Diethyl Phthalate. 

10ml Santa Monica

A fresh, enlivening scent designed to awaken and calm. Containing stress and anxiety busting Neroli, this blend is the perfect pick-me-up for mornings. With a wood base note and a citrus top note, Santa Monica is designed to energize and motivate you – use it when you need enhanced productivity and drive.

Contains Cedryl Acetate, Cyclamen Aldehyde, Geraniol, Linalool). 

10ml Wellington

A cool, fresh and floral blend that transports us back to the beautiful of Wellington City, New Zealand – a city known for its high winds, and this scent is a nod to that freshening feeling you get when stood looking out to sea on a blustery day. With the deep, sweet scent of stone fruit at the base, and a high note of English wildflowers, this scent is designed to uncloud your mind, bring clarity and make you feel hopeful.

Ideal for periods of low mood, tight deadlines, or a busy schedule, ‘Wellington’ will blow the cobwebs away.

Contains (E)-1-(2,6,6-Trimethyl-1,3-Cyclohexadien-1-Yl)-2-Buten-1- One, 3-(O&P-Ethylphenyl)-2,2-Dimethylpropionaldehyde, Neryl Acetate, Tetramethyl Acetyloctahydronaphthalenes.

All Abel oils are vegan and cruelty free.